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Coming Out to your parents

LGBT Affirmative Therapy and Counseling: Support for Coming Out

Have you been keeping a secret? Feel like you can’t be yourself?

Sick of feeling fake or sad that you can’t be who you really are?

Scared of the backlash you’ll get if you let people know?

Coming out can be both difficult and liberating. You want to take off the mask and “be real,” but something inside you screams that it isn’t safe. Longing to allow others to know what’s really true about you, there a battle going on inside between taking the risk, and hiding for safety’s sake.

This struggle adds up to feeling afraid and confused about whether, how, and to whom you should come out.

I’d like to help you sort through that struggle.

If you are just now exploring your sexual identity, or if you’re preparing to disclose your sexual orientation to family, friends, work colleagues, health professionals, and caregivers, you may be feeling very nervous. Perhaps you’re already anticipating rejection, ridicule or anger.

Or, maybe the secret you’ve been afraid to share has nothing to do with being gay, but something else – perhaps traumatic abuse in your childhood — has you feeling shame, or believing that you are fatally flawed. You could be thinking that if others knew your secret you’d be disgraced, shunned, disinherited or fired.

That’s a really painful way to live.

Secrets can strain friendships or complicating dating. Sexual problems, family conflicts, or career issues related to this tension over coming out can leave you feeling demoralized.

coming out

LGBT Affirmative Counseling and Therapy can help.

Whatever the coming out challenges are for you, I can  help you find your own unique path through them. Coming out fully may NOT be what is best for you, it depends upon your individual circumstances and relationships.  You deserve a safe place to explore your options, rehearse your disclosures, and plan your moments with an encouraging and affirming therapist. I’ll help you sort through your confusions and fears, and when and if you are ready, build confidence in your abilities to come out, even in the face of criticism and rejections.

Let the real you out.

I’ll be with you every step. Providing LGBT Affirmative Therapy to the gay lesbian community for 25 yrs.

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You can do this.