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Grief Counseling for Loss & Bereavement

Grieving a deep loss? Getting pressured to move on with your life? Feel like no one understands or wants to listen to your sorrow?

You know grief is a natural response to loss, but you might not have expected to be grieving for so long. Grief Counseling can help.

Sadness colors your every moment. It’s overwhelming, and impossible to feel like the person you used to be. I’d like to help. Loss occurs throughout our lives in multiple ways:


  • death of a family member friend, colleague
  • loss of a beloved pet
  • loss of a friendship or other relationship
  • divorce and accompanying loss of social circle
  • kids leaving home
  • loss of job
  • loss of house
  • loss or change of function through illness
  • loss following abortion or adoption.
  • due to natural disasters

grief counseling

Every loss will impact us on some level from mild to debilitating.

Each person has their own unique experience of grief. The pain of grief has no time frame, but our culture has unhealthy expectations on the length of grieving.

You might currently be feeling your grief as frightening isolating, and lonely. Whether your loss was sudden or anticipated, acknowledging the reality of it can take weeks or months or longer.

If you’ve experienced a traumatic loss such as suicide, accident or murder, it’s common for grief to be even more complicated, intense, and prolonged.

If you are dealing with a sudden unexpected death you may be consumed by feelings of guilt, shame, helplessness, anger and confusion. It can be especially challenging to try and make sense of your loss while coping with turbulent emotions or a chaotic or slow recovery after a natural disaster.

It is easy to feel that the world does not always understand.

I’d like to help you express your grief on your terms and in your own time so that you can find your way towards a happier future. I will help you hold on to memories of the life of your loved one, rebuild coping skills in order to face a changed personal landscape, and renew hope as the foundation of a meaning centered life.

I help survivors of Traumatic Loss endure, survive and learn to live again.

Recovering from grief puts you on a journey that is often frightening, painful, and lonely. No words, written or spoken, can take away the pain you now feel. However with grief counseling you can:

  • cope with the reality of the loss
  • manage the feelings and reactions of grief
  • rebuild social networks and relearn roles
  • create meaning in a changed world

Grieving is a process of learning how to live in a changed world. When someone you love has died, or a relationship has ended, you are challenged to relearn how to be with yourselves, your family and friends.

You can relearn and redefine your relationships with time, space, and spirit.
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If you’re having difficulty coping and managing painful feelings, I will help you live with joy and purpose in spite of the losses. Expert grief counseling can help you through the pain.
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