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Postpartum Depression

New Parents and Postpartum Depression Therapy

Postpartum Depression Therapy for New Parents

Overwhelmed by the exhaustion and anxiety of new parenthood?

Feeling depressed, scared and all alone in this enormous responsibility?

Have you been thinking: This is not what I expected?


As much as you adore this new child you’ve brought into the world, welcoming a new baby into your life is hard work! The joys are amazing, but some days the stresses seem to outweigh the pleasures. You could be feeling:

  • so tired you can’t think straight
  • nervous about protecting your baby’s health
  • guilt over taking a few hours to yourself
  • on the verge of tears most of the time
  • sad about the necessary changes in your career or social life
  • fearful you might inadvertently harm your child
  • confused by all the conflicting advice on the best ways to parent

These feelings are normal — they come with the territory of parenthood. But that doesn’t make them easy to cope with. I can help you find your way through postpartum depression therapy.

postpartum depression therapy

Even if baby has not yet arrived, you might be already anticipating the transformations and struggles to come.

Maybe you are getting pulled in many directions by well-meaning grandparents whose philosophies on baby-care and child-rearing aren’t what you want for your family. Perhaps you’re sensing a jealousy or competition now with friends or siblings that is straining your relationship with them.

Could be you are starting to realize that life as you knew it will be forever changed:

  • maybe you’ve given up a job or career to be a stay-at-home mom
  • no more nights out with spouse or friends for a while
  • getting to the gym isn’t happening with your energy and time gone
  • power lunches morphed into finding a restroom with changing table
  • an SUV replaced your 2-seater sports car so the car seat will fit

Some changes in lifestyle you can take in stride, but others feel like you’re losing yourself, and getting swallowed up in babyland. You didn’t expect to feel so disoriented, and it’s a little frightening.

I‘d like to help you regain your footing, cope with the stresses of parenting and find the joy.

Offering Postpartum Depression Therapy in Monmouth County, NJ.

Barbara Fane, LCSW, BCD

Help is here

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